According to the Portsmouth, NH, Herald, Nov 23, 1954, Donn Draeger, 4-dan, and Charles Yerkow, 2-dan, were coming to town to support a judo tournament in Portsmouth. There is even a picture of Draeger, Yerkow, and assorted local luminaries in the paper on the date of the tournament (Saturday, Nov 27, 1954).

The articles can be viewed online at, so there is no problem there. However, I wonder if the negative of that photo is still around. Newspapers are often pretty good about keeping such things.

Anyway, this is mentioned mostly as a note to anyone in New England who is interested in documenting that region's judo prehistory -- pictures and stories may be available, especially as more newspapers go online. The local Air Force base libraries would be worth checking, too, as the USAF was actively promoting judo in those days.