I have been visiting a local Judo club recently. I am a jujutsuka (Japanese) who has done a fair bit of judo in the past, but none for 12 years or so. In the last couple of years I have been introducing Judo randori as a regular and important part of our jujutsu training and I and a couple of my senior students have visited a judo club in Leicester UK for the last few weeks with the intention of developing our skills. I would like to thank Rob Biddles Sensei and all of his club for the tremendous welcome, tolerance and consideration they have shown us during our visits. What a nice bunch of people and what a great club! If every martial arts club were conducted in the same way, we would have no problems in this game of ours - no egos, good fun, good workout and friendships formed. The three of us have learned much of value in a very short time and will definately be regular visitors!

It reminds me of the sheer fun I had as a beginner (which I have been made to feel like again!) and has highlighted the never ending learning process we endure.

Thanks again to all at Aylestone BJC Judo Club Leicester (UK)