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Thread: A question for Karl Friday about swordsmanship.

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    Michael Powell Guest

    Smile To Brian Owens

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    ister Owens I can assure you that everything that I have written is as I have studied and learned from Japanese experts and scholars, if you find racism in that, then that is your delusion, not mine!

    As for spelling; you may well spell in English better than I, by contemporary standards, but you are no match pen or sword!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Powell are no match pen or sword!
    On what do you base that statement? Have we ever crossed swords?

    As for your "expert" knowledge of history, your assertion that some samurai were sanitation workers doesn't hold water. Sanitation workers, tanners, undertakers, etc. were assigned from the hinin, the "non-men," who fell outside the caste structure, because such work was considered "unclean."
    Yours in Budo,

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