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Thread: Are you a W.I.M.P. ?

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    Default Are you a W.I.M.P. ?

    Weak In Martial Preparation.

    You are a WIMP if you:

    Don't want to carry that $800 pistol in your car (where allowed by law) because you are afraid someone might break in and steal it.

    Afraid of scratching the finish of your weapon during training.

    Own a gun, but not sure that you could use it if needed.

    Want to take martial arts lessons, but don't like sweating or wearing funny outfits.

    Never had any trauma first aid training.

    So slow at running, that it takes you two trips to haul ass.

    Drive while drunk.

    Have a total mistrust of the police and your government

    Totally trust the police and your government.

    When you go out you are more worried about how people see you, rather than not being seen.

    I could go on and on. But I want to see what others think...
    Lets see some more!
    John Lindsey

    Oderint, dum metuant-Let them hate, so long as they fear.

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    Actually think...

    ....that because you do carry a gun, hand to hand fighting skills are unnecessary.

    ....that because you have hand to hand skills, weapons skills are unnecessary.

    ....that you are better off facing an armed opponent, or multiple opponents, because your martial art specializes in weapons techniques and/or multiple attackers.

    ....that real fights don't go to the ground.

    ....that combat sports like Judo, BJJ, wrestling, boxing, etc. have nothing to do with real fighting, and are of no concern to the true "combative" martial artist.

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    when you think you ...

    can take on multiple attackers, while you have never been into an actual fight against even 1 person.

    can mess with pickeys. (sorry about that one)

    can take on most people once you have a black belt.

    have to learn a modern MA in order to learn how to fight because arts like taijutsu, karate, jujutsu, aikijutsu, etcetera are worthless and dead.

    don't need awareness because you can take some punches and still keep going. (yeah, for the record, I know people who actuaaly believe that. Then again I also know people who could easily take down the previous kind without any apparent effort.)


    great thread and b.t.w., I love this new personal protection and S.D. section. Real classy stuff. I'd only wish there were more places like E-budo on the net.

    cheers to all,


    Christophe van Eysendyck.

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