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Thread: Long Gun Grapple - Slip, Slidin' Away...

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    Default Long Gun Grapple - Slip, Slidin' Away...

    Good video of a grapple over a long gun during a robbery attempt. Some very interesting points of study here:

    A) Don't wait for the gun to go "click." If it is touching your head, and he is telling you he is going to shoot you - believe him and act!!

    Don't get me wrong, this guy did a great job. He was just slow to start. That could have been fatal.

    B) Great example of how we cannot always choose or even predict the type of surface we are going to be fighting on. Another indicator of how we cannot guarantee that we can remain outside of grappling range, or end up on the ground.

    It's a nice throw, actually!

    C) Note the groin kick that is simply ignored by the robber.
    Kit Leblanc

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    Samurai Jack Guest


    Agreed. But I also think it is worth mentioning that if the victim had some training and practiced in self-defense the fight would have been over before they went into the kitchen on the slippery floor. The more time you spend fighting the more energy you lose, and variables you have to deal with.

    In my opinion, the victim was not careful enough in the first place. He probably never considered being robbed and didn't take the necessary steps to prevent or hinder greatly a robbery. I am not faulting the guy, I am just saying the importance of being mindful of an attack. I don't think many businesses deal with being robbed. Bank are one of the few industries that make it a priority to prevent or hinder robberies. Convenience stores and gas stations alike really don't make it a priority depite they robbed so often.
    I think there is a real need for empolyees at these businesses to learn self-defense (not simply a martial art) to deal with such attack situations.

    Yes, I too noticed the groin kick being ignored. I personally think the groin kick to be effective is under certain circumstances, and is over rated. The robber could have been on drugs. The criminal's adrenline was at high levels, and it may have hurt him later. It was a misplaced kick or due to the slippery floor didn't deliver well. I think all the above applies.

    I agree the victim was lucky, the gun misfired. The victim probably never in such a situation, and never thought he would be was taken by surprise and thus was slow to act. He did fight back the best he could against someone who look bigger then he, and took well a few good blows. I would point out a few other things about the fight that would have given the victim the advantage sooner, but I don't like to give out too much info on the net. But, I don't know who else is reading this forum. I like to see this kind of thing where the victim comes out on top. Kudos!
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