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Thread: Man Tasers Carjacker, Gets Shot 5 Times

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    Default Man Tasers Carjacker, Gets Shot 5 Times

    Man Tasers Carjacker, Gets Shot 5 Times

    POSTED: 5:25 pm EST November 7, 2007
    UPDATED: 6:20 pm EST November 7, 2007
    ATLANTA -- An Atlanta man was shot five times when he used a taser to fight off a carjacker.

    Officials said the incident happened Wednesday afternoon on Forest Park Road near Conley Road in southeast Atlanta.

    Police were called the scene after receiving a call that a man armed with a gun jumped into the victim’s van and told him to drive. Police said the victim gave the man money but at the same time, he tasered the man. Officials said the man then shot the victim five times.

    The van crashed into a tree after the incident and the gunman fled. Police are still looking for him.

    Officials also said it is not a good idea to use a taser against someone armed with a gun, especially in a confined area.

    The victim’s name and condition has not been released but he was alert when he arrived at the hospital.
    John Lindsey

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    This was a no brainer... Just another example of the public's misconception about Tasers.
    Jason Chambers
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