Well, it seems that we are in for a most thrilling Hatsu Sumo Basho! Both Yokozuna seemed on their mark. Asashoryu was ferocious and Hakuho was brilliant. Sadly, Chiyotaikai is still suffering from the injury Yokozuna Hakuho inflicted upon his right arm, last time around. Kaio was sly & mighty, Kotomitsuki was poetic, Kotooshu bested Miyabiama, Ama got a butt-whipping from Tochinonada, Aminishiki out-foxed Goeido, Asasekiryu was lightning-quick in his defeat of the Herculean Wakanosato, Homasho made me cry... does it get any better than this? These are "the good old days" ! While it's far-too-early to proclaim any dominant force in this Yusho, I suggest we all stay tuned to our NHK broadcast for this most exciting competition in years!

Hey John McCulloch,
What do you predict? Yes you, the "Jimmy the Greek" of the professional Sumo world. Does Asa look like the invincible force he used to be? Can Hakuho's cool and elegant precision, prevail to capture the yusho? These and many other questions are burning (like wasabi mustard) on the tip of our tongues! Quick, someone pass me a cup of sake! What do you think? Anyone else have an insights? Thanks All and be well!

Later, Jon Palombi