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Thread: Shield use in koryu

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    Dear Paul et al,

    While the musket did reduce the importance of the bow on the battle field it never killed it completely. The muskets took quite a bit of time to reload and fire, and weren't much use in the rain. An archer could fire a large number of arrows in the time it took to reload.

    Although, if memory serves (and it seldom does), while the Takeda clan did have a number of men with muskets it was Oda Nobunaga's superior firepower that sealed the deal for Katsuyori.

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    Yes the Takeda clan was known for having one of the most important cavalry (that's what I meant on depending on the various factions). But even then he seemed to have more infantry than cavalry. If you check on Uesugi Kenshin and many other major factions you will see it is not the same.

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