Hey Folks,
There is definitely quite a bit of excitement building at the Osaka Tourney, this year! There have been plenty of excellent matches, thus far. You've really got to hand it to the youngsters, Homasho and Tochiozan, for their outstanding performances. While it is unlikely that 7-0 Homasho and 7-0 Tochiozan, will be able to keep winning against the higher ranked rikishi (as this basho draws closer to the finish line), Yokozuna Asashoryu is looking like the probable victor at 7-0. Or is he? Chiyotaikai is fighting nearly as good as he was in November and Hakuho is never to be underestimated. After Yokozuna Hakuho's fine showing last January, anything could happen. It's probably too soon to say, so, stay tuned people!
Hey John McCullock,
What do you say? You were predicting Asa, last time out. What are your thoughts? Are there any particular matches that have impressed you, this go around? Will there be another fabulous playoff on day # 15? Who do you think will walk away with the Emperor's Cup? While the odds are he will be Mongolian, we still have 8 days left to observe, just which Mongolian.

Be well and practice often, Jon Palombi