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Thread: workouts for iPod

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    Default workouts for iPod

    Hey everyone,

    I attended cardio kickboxing classes as I was preparing for my black belt several years ago. I felt a little funny walking in the first time with a bunch of women, but felt even funnier as they stepped over my collapsed body as they walked out the door afterward.....they are great cardio workouts.

    I've been trying to find a good boxing (kickboxing) cardio program that I can download to my iPod. I'd like to say that I'm disciplined enough to just download my own music and "go at it"....but I'm realistic enough to know I need someone in my ear pushing me along.

    Nike Fitness has a bunch of workouts like this on iTunes....but they are all running-based...which my old knees can't really handle.

    I found one at iTrain and it's nice, but it's geared to teenagers and had way too much "instruction" (as in the "here's the proper way to throw a hook punch") and not enough "motivation" (as in "come on, we're going to throw a jab, cross, hook, kick.....1....2....3"). Hope that makes sense.

    The second thing I don't like about the iTrain's only 20 minutes and I'd like to have one that is longer and tougher.

    Any ideas out there?

    Jim Mahanes

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    Did you have any luck finding anything like what you were looking for? I had never really considered using my iPod to play a motivational training program, but it sounds like something that might really help me. I'd be interested in anything you've found.


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