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Thread: Okinawan Goju-Ryu & Chinese Ba Gua Zhang

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    Default Okinawan Goju-Ryu & Chinese Ba Gua Zhang

    Hi all

    Over the decades i've occassionally run across mention that Goju-ryu has a Ba Gua influence etc.....

    This is total rubbish and a "ma myth" (like the nose being pushed up into the skull and killing a person from plam heel strike) Correct?? Or ???

    I've always assumed it's a myth .. but it's still being out out their

    so for those that research such things

    is there any evidence

    1. Miyagi Chojun studied Ba Gua Zhang indepth/at all
    2. it's infuence on Goju-Ryu (i can't see it)

    Thanks Guys
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    Default stuff

    I've heard (nope don't remember where lol) that he studied Bagua, but not that there was any influence, personally I don't see it it either.
    Zachariah Zinn

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    We're going to have to define "influence" I think for this one.

    If you look at BaGua 8 Mother palm and then look at Goju Ryu Tensho as well as Some of the Uechi Ryu tanren, one can't help but notice the similarities in the hand formations.

    My opinion is that Bagua does not have a direct influence on Goju, however, I believe Bagua has a direct influence on many Chinese Chuan, therefore, it has more than likely influenced the martial arts once found in the coastal region that inspired much of Naha te. Perhaps no direct contact, but maybe several generations removed from it.

    Rob Rivers
    Rob Rivers

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