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Thread: Buy A New Car, Get A Free Gun...

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    Default Buy A New Car, Get A Free Gun...

    Hey Guys,

    There is a dealership here in Missouri, that is giving away free hand guns with the purchase of a new car...I'm curious as to what you all think about this??

    NBC Channel 41 Video ... CatId=4295

    ABC Channel 9 Video

    ABC Channel 9 Article (under Midwest Heading)

    take care,
    --Josh Paszkiewicz

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    Default New Gun, Free Car

    Hi all
    This is my first post so be patient. this is a great idea. I have heard of at least one bank that will give you (at your option) an exspensive hunting rifle for a term deposit. I am of course assuming that the receipient of the frearm compllies with all state and local regulations. (No Gang bangers Please)
    BTW, I am a karate instructor and certified firearms trainer here in MA
    Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot

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