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Thread: It isn't about the technique

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    koshoT Guest


    I just have some thoughts, and I hope no one takes offense to these, becasue non is meant.

    There is a lot of talk about technique. Techniques are good but I don't know if we should be caught up in specific things to do. Didn't Sun Tzu say that if you have no plans going into battle that you cannot be defeated. Because all plans have the inherent potential for failure. Don't get me wrong. I firmly believe that we should prepare and plan. It is essential that we do prepare and plan, but once we are in the fight, or battle, we should no longer rely on these plans, we should not think, just adapt.

    I think that more important than the technique are the principles being applied. We all follow the natural laws of the universe. If we know how to correctly apply these laws, than any number of techniques can be used modified or forgotten.

    Techniques are great for training with. They give the student somthign to focus on. However, if you were ever to get into a real altercation, or even in sparring or randori techniques will not always work. After all, everone punches differntly and moves differently. So if you are trying a specific techinique for an uppercut it might not work some of the time.

    "When the student is ready, the teacher appears" We have several different types of teachers in the martial arts. Our Sensei's should always be respected and I would like to thank all of you Senseis out there for all that you've done. Our second teacher is ourselves. We can learn a lot of martial movement and "secerts" by watching how our body moves in day to day tasks. When we move throughout the day we naturally keep center, we shift our weight, and we have excellent timing. It's once we get into a fighting train of mind that we violate these things that we always do (I have to admit, I am terrible at this. I am always jumping in to a fighting train of mind). Which brings up the next teacher. The universe and life itself are the most important teachers of all. We should learn from life to be adaptable and to not hold onto our egos, or become greedy. It is when we do these things that our technique is no longer important, because we can follow natuarl principles and adapt.
    thank you,
    Tom Berkery

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    koshoT Guest


    Woops. I didn't realize I was posting this message in the wrong spot. Hahahaha thanks though. So Budo and the body is about the healing arts?

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