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No one that we have found in the world makes a quality kusarifundo (weighted chain - A.K.A kusari fundo or manriki kusari) that is actually meant to be used, so we at Jinenkan Seigi Dojo have started to make these as well. Scroll down for some reviews from satisfied customers.

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations that have weights made of cast pot steel and chains with open links - those will never hold up to actual striking, and can be dangerous to their user when they unexpectedly come apart and send steel parts flying out of control. The painted finish on many of these begin to chip away with the first hit, looking very poor and exposing the bare steel to corrosion. Even the length on most of these is too short, unnecessarily limiting the reach and effectiveness of the weapon. These have been made to the same dimensions as Manaka-Sensei's own personal kusari fundo, with the exception of his nine-sided tapered weights (they were simply to costly to produce that way).

Our kusarifundo weights are made of extruded hexagonal cold-rolled steel. The blind-pinned connection between the weight and the chain makes for a flush and unobtrusive fit, and the pin is rated to a double shear yield strength of 1,800 lbs. The chain we use has each link individually welded together for strength, and has a yield strength of 1,080 lbs. They are finished with a black oxide process, which is a chemical reaction that changes the surface of the steel itself to a black color that won't chip or flake off, and provides substantial corrosion protection as well. The standard length is 28.75", and each fundo (weight) is 2.75". These can be shipped (assuming they are legal to buy in your area) anywhere in the Continental United States for an additional $6.00, and most of Europe for $25.00. Email me at for purchase instructions and shipping information.

Kusarifundo $35.00 each

Please note that in most states carrying a kusarifundo would be considered possession of an illegal concealed weapon, and in the event you ever were to use the kusarifundo, it most likely would be considered "assault with a deadly weapon". Jinenkan Seigi Dojo and the JinenkanTM assume no liability in the legal aspect of owning a kusarifundo - it is the BUYER'S responsibility to check all state and local laws and adhere to them. These are not weapons, are not made to be used on any living creature, and are only intended to be used against inanimate targets. They are made as training tools for Classical Japanese Martial Arts. These training tools can cause serious injury if used improperly, so they should not be used without proper instruction.