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Thread: Karate-Jutsu Origins- White Crane, Monk Fist etc?

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    Default Karate-Jutsu Origins- White Crane, Monk Fist etc?

    Hi All

    I am new to this forum, probably the best one on Karate!

    Could anyone tell me about different chinese or other martial arts sytles which played a role in developing Karate Jutsu/Toude?

    I have read McCarthy Sensei article on this, it is very concise and informative, but need more information on different styles and if there are northern or southern, so far I have: White Crane, Monk Fist, Southern Praying Mantis.

    Any help is much appreciated!



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    Default reply to origins of OkiTe

    So many influences. Mark Bishops book, though needing updates, is very informative. Chaun Fa was literally injected into Uchina no Te as early as the 8th century, if not earlier. Almost all, if not all animal forms from China played some type of influence in all MA's developed in Okinawa. Uchina no Te is a treasured gift I hold very close to my heart. heiwa
    Hank Irwin
    Academy of Okinawan Arts

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