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Thread: Speed Reload

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    Yes, just reload. Bad mag....only one way to find out or always throw the mag away and grab a new one. With Glocks it's almost always the shooters grip causing the double feed-provided it's clean and lubed-and they have to get really dry and really dirty before that happens.


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    I am not sure I would have that as my open breach default (I gather that you mean that for double feeds and stove pipes you go to this clearance? What other open breach malfs are you seeing?). I'd rather tap-rack with with a stove pipe, and I don't think you gain much by going to the rip-retain-rack for either.

    As well, maintaining the mag in the same hand you work the slide with seems to violate the idea stated in bringing the gun to the mag to mitigate the effects of survival stress during a close gunfight. That's a lot for one hand to be doing under a lot of stress.

    Any pictures or vids you have that we can see - it might be how I am visualizing it that makes me question it.
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