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Thread: I need help!!!

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    my name is Marco Simeone, I'm Italian, and I'm now writing my thesis on Yoshikawa Eiji's "Miyamoto Musashi", but it's difficult for me to find useful material for my thesis.
    My prof. told me I must search for all the works that are related to Musashi, and I have only found the "Gorin no Sho" and the "Niten-ki" (but I don't know much about this one...).
    If someone of you have some information, please help me, your help would be most appreciated.
    Thanks, Marco

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    Did you read all the references we pointed you toward back in December?

    There is a lot of information available on the internet just look. We will not write your essay for you, but we will help if you have specific questions.

    Check out as it talks about the novel in detail.

    Another one worth looking at, for background info, is as it discusses the novel and the author as well as the major historical events covered in the book.

    Finally, has a review of Go Rin no Sho, and some good links to other Musashi related sites. (scroll down about half way for the Musashi review)

    Yoshikawa wrote a number of books and there is a lot of scope for discussion, both about Japanese history and the culture of modern Japan. Read the references and ask specific questions we can help with.


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