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Thread: A double-bladed katana?

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    Default A double-bladed katana?

    So, I took the day off to watch an old Japanese anime I watched every day before elementary school (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, or as I knew it, Ronin Warriors) which actually got me interested in doing Iai...twelve years later.

    One of the main characters has two katana which he attaches at the kashira.
    Impracticality aside, I'm wondering if you took two blades, a really long tsuka with holes drilled on either side, and all the fittings, mountings, and etc: would this be flimsy as hell or could it actually be used with some degree of success?

    I don't particularly know why I think this would be feasible, I've never taken a sword apart, knowledge of the inner workings of a sword stops at the same and tsuka-ito.

    No, I won't ask whether or not you can feasibly combine a naginata and a tri-sectional staff together, in case you were worried.
    Johnathan Pierson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Chen View Post
    Well it is late but it seems that the twin sword thing is just a parry and hit in that video. As a one piece of blade where the tang goes through to the secondary blade I doubt the effectiveness of it being workable.

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