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Thread: Koryu in Saitama

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    Default Koryu in Saitama

    I am interested in learning a traditonal Japanese martial art and am looking for some help. I currently live in Saitama city in Saitama. I am trying to find something in Saitama city if possible. If there are any dojos that someone could recommend I would greatly appreciate it.

    I have never studied a Koryu before so at this stage I don't have a particular preference , however I am interested in Jodo.

    Thank you

    Simon Paxton

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    Thumbs up Iaido and Jodo in Fujimino Shi, Saitama


    There's a group in (what used to be called Kamifukuoka-Shi) Fujimino-Shi
    (city name and Tobu Tojo train line's nearest station) called Shinto-Kan
    (God's Sword) having both Iaido (Japanese quick-draw sword) and Jodo.

    Iai is Tues/Thurs 7-9 PM/Sun 9-12 noon; Jo is Sat AM (sort of far) and
    Sun. same as Iai. Tel. nbr. 049-263-0959 (Suzuki Sensei, bit hard of hearing, in Japanese).

    Besides the interesting Shinto-Kan style, everyone can learn basic Seite Iai. Jodo follows All Japan basic style and that teacher's excellent too.
    High-level, friendly group.

    If interested, let me know: will arrange to take you to have a look
    on a Sunday...doesn't have to be spot-on at 9 a.m.

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