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Thread: Help with first tournament

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    Default Help with first tournament

    Good morning,

    I'm hoping that some of the more experienced teachers here will be able to offer some advice regarding hosting a small tournament - our first.

    I teach a small Shotokan class for adults. We've been operating for about a year now and I thought hosting a small tournament might be a way to bring some local MA teachers together and give my students a taste of competition.

    The plan is this: host a small invitational tournament for three or four other schools whose instructors I know. We will use the same rec. facility I currently teach at and run only one or two rings. Competition will include kata and kumite - no weapons, team kata, etc.

    I've covered the following issues: space and time confirmed with the rec. dept., advertising/info to other schools is ready to be sent out, First Aid covered by a volunteer RN (my lovely wife), liability insurance covered by the rec. dept. and a waiver (do I need personal liability insurance?).

    I still need: awards, concessions (I thought I'd sell water, sports drinks and a few snacks).

    What have I forgotten? What problems should I expect? Who should I bring on board to make sure the day runs smoothly?

    If anyone is interested I can send out a copy of our invitation/registration package for your critique.

    Thanks for your feedback,

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    I would make doubly sure that those who are assigned to do certain functions e.g. judging, refereeing, will make a commitment to show up on time.

    If you have committee members for logistics, etc., I would also define the tasks each is responsible for and the time they are supposed to do them. Often, everyone gets so excited by the events that they forget it's their turn to man the timekeeper's table or keeping the playing area free of non-participants.

    Also, does your location require things like waivers or liability insurance? It is essential to clarify this before tournament day.

    Anyway, just my two cents.

    Hoping for a successful tournament for you.
    Hieroteo Villarosa V

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    You might want to also have backup plans just in case things don't go as smoothly as they should. What if someone (either judges or participants) don't show up? Are you able to redo the brackets on the fly? Other than that, it seems like you have all the logistics covered from what I can see.
    Christopher George
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