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Thread: Online Martial Arts Resources

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    Default Online Martial Arts Resources

    I am compiling a list of quality online resources for the traditional martial artist. (Online publications, websites, communities, supplies, etc.) I would love input from everybody here. Please supply me with your favorite (non-style specific) sites and why you like them. Thank you in advance...
    Rick Sbuscio

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    I haven't updated URLs recently, but for a reasonable introduction to popular stuff, try the links at .

    If you're serious about this, then also try Google Scholar (JSTOR, etc., have great stuff),,, and Google News Archives. Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Library of Australia, etc., also have great online resources. There are equivalent non-English language sources at national museums, libraries, and archives around the world.

    For pictures (to look at, not use, copyright applies, and they can afford the same lawyers who look for music copyright violations!), try LIFE magazine images online, Corbis, Getty, and British Library.

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