Haga Tadatoshi, Iaido hanshi 8 dan, Kendo hanshi 8 dan, passed away on 7 March. He was 92. Haga sensei was the younger brother of Haga Junichi, and may be best known outside Japan as Miyamoto Kai sensei's mentor in the 1997 NHK documnetary "Kendo's Gruelling Challenge: 120 second test of spirit".

Haga sensei was a great friend of Australian kendo and iaido, and was still travelling to officiate at taikai here until quite recently. He and the late Nakakura Kiyoshi sensei were famous in their younger days as being almost unbeatable. In his senior years his small frame was accentuated by a stoop, but the power of his kensen remained indomitable. He was a remarkable kenshi.

Kendoka and Iaidoka everywhere have lost yet another important link with the past.