Privacy Policy
E-Budo respects your privacy. Below is an outline of what information this network gathers and how it’s used:

· The email addresses collected from the sign-ups for our newsletter are not sold, or disclosed to a third party. Though I have received numerous requests for such information, I feel that releasing email addresses violates the trust between E-Budo and its members. The email addresses collected will only be used to send out important announcements. You will not receive any mailings you did not request.

· When a contest/sweepstakes is run on this site you may be asked to supply some personally identifying information like your name, email address and phone number. This information will only be used to notify winners of the contest/sweepstakes.

· In our forums there are several polls. By voting you are not disclosing any other information other then the answer to the question the poll asks. A vote cannot be traced to a specific individual, and hence your identity remains anonymous.

· The information collected during the registration process for the E-Budo Community is used to contact members in the event of a Forum rule violation. It can also be used to prevent banned users from re-registering under a different username. The email address will only be seen by moderators and administrators if the "Keep your email address viewable to other users when you post notes?" option is set to no.

· The IP address is logged whenever a post is made to our forums. This information is used if it becomes necessary to ban a user. The IP address can only be seen by administrators and moderators.