Hello all,

I'm not a regular here, but I want to share with you all my martial arts blog.


"This blog is primarily focused on the search for great martial arts literature. It is often difficult to find martial arts texts that are geared for the advanced practitioner; books that contain real scientific research, and insight into deep philosophical ideas on the martial arts.

One may find the “Easy Karate”, or ”Kung fu: Beginner to black belt” gimmicks at the local library. Any experienced martial artist knows that it isn’t that easy, and any novice may not. To develop proficiency in any given art requires a lifetime of experience.

Therefore, this blog will give the serious and novice martial artist’s both a place to easily find many great works that will deepen one’s own understanding of one’s chosen art.

A book review will be written on every martial arts book I come across. I’ll analyze the books worth; whether it appeals to the novice, intermediate or advanced martial artist.

In between my readings, this blog will also contain any sudden inspirations I may have, or include other writings that are relevant to the martial arts community.

Simply said, this blog is a place to deepen one’s own martial understanding outside of the physical training hall; a place to offer an educated approach to the martial arts."