Helping a friend out here. He used to run a web business selling Gakuya Tabi (Tengu Yugen Gaisha/ that he closed down a few years ago and is now dumping his remaining inventory. Gakuya are the Mercedes of Tabi in Japan, and are very high quality. Here's what he has:

Gakuya Itto School Neru Tabi (these are the heavy duty fleece-lined Tabi, dark blue, almost black in color)

size 23 - 80 pair
size 24 - 73 pair
size 25 - 28 pair
size 26 - 2 pair
size 27 - 5 pair

Gakuya Itto School Kuro Tabi (these are the linen-lined black model)

size 27 - 6 pair

He is selling the entire lot for a steal and at a great loss (these range from $30-50 per pair online). All of the Tabi are being sold in one lot as well, so unfortunately he will not sell individual pair. This is a perfect deal if you run a web store or Dojo.

PM me for details and I will provide his contact information.

Here are some pics: