Thanks George. I do not understand...I can edit subsequent posts, but not the original post?

My relationship with MSR has not yet been formalised with Otsuka Sensei so I ask that I can remove references to both Meifu Shinkage Ryu and Otsuka Sensei in my initial post.

New information:

Hi, I am Jason Wotherspoon, owner of the Secrets of Shuriken Website and I would like to announce that I have formed the Brisbane Shuriken-jutsu Study Group and am inviting martial artists from any background, based in the Brisbane/South East Queensland area in Australia, to join and come train with me.

Interested parties can either reply here or join our Facebook group page at Brisbane Shuriken-jutsu Study Group.

I will be teaching basics of Shirai Ryu and Negishi Ryu throwing styles, as well as the accompanying history and information that I have available, and hope to build a strong Shuriken-jutsu community here in Brsbane.

One of our goals is to build up the group so we can invite international instructors to Brisbane for a visit and formal training seminars. There is a growing interest in shuriken-jutsu on the international stage, - I hope we can be part of it, and get the chance to meet and train with other shuriken enthusiasts around the world.

Requirements are that members must be aged 18 years or older, of sound health and good mental attitude.

I will organise regular but occasional informal training days, details of which will be announced here and on our Facebook page.

I encourage interested parties to join the Facebook page as it will also be a portal where we can share information, photos, ideas and news etc.