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Thread: European Jodo Championships 2011

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    Default European Jodo Championships 2011

    I am delighted that the British Kendo Federation is hosting this event this year. We are extremely fortunate in that the event will be led by three of the top Jodo teachers in the ZNKR:

    Namitome Sensei 8th dan hanshi
    Shiiya Sensei 8th dan hanshi
    Ishido Sensei 8th dan kyoshi

    Information and registration for the event can be found here:

    Furthermore, those wishing to participate in the seminar on the Friday and pre-grading session on Sunday and who are not part of an official delegation can register on the members part of the BKA website or email me (through the email on the website) for details.

    Best regards

    Andy Watson
    BKA Jodo Bucho
    Andy Watson

    Minoru hodo
    Kobe o tareru
    Inaho ka na

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    I'm not a Seitei-dude..but...Awesome!
    Fredrik Hall
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