It's been quite some time since I've posted about Old School. I'm writing here, primarily, about availability. I initially did a print run of 2000 books, and I've got about 90 left. I will not be doing another major print run. I'm considering an on-demand printing option. But in case anyone is interested in what should be considered a "first edition," nows the time. I believe there is an option in the shopping cart to write a comment - if you would like the book signed, I will do that.

Old School has stood the test of time pretty well. It's been translated into Spanish and French, and I'm negotiating on one or two other countries.

At any rate, click the link in my signature, if you are interested in this or my other work. And also, feel free to light up this thread if you have any questions or observations on the content in the book.
Ellis Amdur