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Thread: Steven Segal, Blade master?

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    shame there's no pics of the ninja... oh no! I am an idiot.....!! Of course there will be no pics, he would have been invisible!
    (shame he didnt read pgsmiths signature also....)

    Nice sword BTW... You still making swords or playing with other stuff like armour instead??? I am fancying having a go at making a full set of war of the roses period armour/ swords etc for my son... have got some guidelines, just need somewhere to work where the neighbours won't complain....
    Tim Hamilton

    Why are you reading this instead of being out training? No excuses accepted...

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    I am pretty much out of the armour business..have been for years..I still make a few pieces but that's mostly for my own stuff or for friends...

    As for this stuff hurting you...even if you DO know what you are can still get hurt..get distracted and they bite you..get your head up your hiennie for a hot 1/10th of a second and they bite you...sometimes you can't advoid it..most times you can... This idiot got what he had coming...

    Dr JP Hrisoulas
    Bladesmith, Metallographer

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