Hello folks,

It's that time of year again and I just realized that some of you may be waiting for your mailed forms. Unfortunately we didn't get that organized for this year so please head on over to the web page at: http://seidokai.ca/iai.seminar.html and print out a registration form at: http://seidokai.ca/iai.register.html

You can sign and scan it if you're paying by paypal or other electronic means. In Canada you can do a bank transfer by interac, http://www.interac.ca/consumers/prod..._eTransfer.php

If you've been to the seminar before, all the usual stuff is happening, plus we are going to designate a table for consignments so if you've got a hakama that's too small or an iaito you want to sell because you've got your eye on a new one, bring it along.

If you have never been to the seminar and have never taken either iaido or jodo, come on by and we'll give you a great welcome. Beginners have always got off to a head start to their career at the seminar which most folks estimate gives them a six to eight month jump.

Registrations are wandering in now, don't be shy to get yours in today and take the load off my credit card, the air tickets are bought, and the sensei are ready to fly.