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Thread: Research sources for 14th Century Feudal Japan

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    Dear All

    I am a writer, and have recently begun a horror story set in 14th Century Feudal Japan. Whilst the characters are fictional, I am trying to get the settings as authentic as possible.

    I have collected a large number of books on the martial traditions of the age, as well as the various political movements of Go-Daigo onwards. However what I am really lacking is commentary on the pesant life.
    1) What did peasants wear?
    2) What did the peasants day consists of?
    3) How were the towns and villages laid out? How big were they? What were buildings made of?

    4) What was the difference between a regular monk and the Sohei and Yamabushi?
    5) How did a regular monk live? What did they wear? What were the monasteries made of?

    6) What was the general environment outside of monasteries and towns? What were roads made of? How dangerous were they? Who travelled them?
    7) How heavily wooded was the country? What were the main types of flora and fauna?

    Ideally, I'm trying to track down english language books on this.
    Any help or pointers much appreciated.

    Martin Adil-Smith
    Horror Writer

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    Default research for feudal Japan

    Good luck on your project and I hope you succeed.
    However,all the questions you ask are able to be answered with a minimum of research either here or on perhaps Samurai Archives.A little Google action will help a lot.Looking forward to the finished product.

    Phil Scudieri

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