"There are a few less advertised places as well in Sydney. There is a Yagyu Shingan Ryu dojo either in Manly or Cremorne just as an example."

Just so there is no confusion, the only Yagyu Shingan ryu 'Chikuosha' dojo in Australia is located at Gunnedah, approximately 500 km north west of Sydney.

The various Ysr 'Chikuosha' keikokai's are located at Tamworth (John Mirow) and Penrith (Andrew Melito).

There is also a Ysr 'Chikuosha' keikokai under the Australia branch located in Singapore (TK Chua).

I think there also maybe a Yagyu Shingan ryu 'Arakido' keikokai in Brisbane (Paul Kean).

The Chikuosha is the heiho line (Sendai), and the Arakido is the taijutsu line (Edo).

Happy to be of some assistance,

Simon Louis.