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Thread: Searching for Video: Satsuma Kage no Ryu

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    Default Searching for Video: Satsuma Kage no Ryu

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to track down footage of a sword school called 薩摩影之流 (Satsuma Kage no Ryu). My usual sources are yielding no results, so if anyone has footage of this I would really appreciate a chance to sneak a peak.

    David Sims

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    David, you already contacted me about this. But for the benefit of others, I finally had my old VHS tapes digitised and thought it a good idea to reply to this thread anyway, for the record so to speak.

    Here is the only known video of Satsuma Kage no Ryu on the net. Please forgive the poor quality. It's from 1993 and had to be dubbed from the original analogue format to VHS so it had already lost a generation. And no image stabilisation back in those days! b

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