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Thread: Kodokan Judo vs the IJF

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    Default Kodokan Judo vs the IJF

    The scope of Kodokan Judo is not defined by the IJF, their commercial motives and the rule sets imposed for their organised Judo championships. Kodokan Judo is defined by its waza, its kata, its history and its educational goals. At this time to ensure the preservation of the totality of judo, the need for prominent judoka and dojo leaders to reject Marius Vizer's efforts to dilute judo for commercial benefit has never been greater. Remember techniques such as kata guruma, kani basami, ashi dori are not banned from judo, they are just against IJF rules - they can, and should still be taught.
    Dr Llyr C Jones (ジョーンズ)

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    I think we may see the odd eventual development that BJJ - with an increasing interest in tachi-waza - despite its outward non-traditional trappings, technically becomes closer to classical Judo than does modern Judo - at least what is allowed in competition.
    Kit Leblanc

    In Harm's Way

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    I believe the real issue is not concerning your thread header "Kodokan Judo vs the IJF". Rather, the real issue concerning our beloved martial art is is the argument "Traditional Judo vs Mainstream Judo".

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