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    Do we have any folks here who practice yoga? I have for years been interested and have taken a few classes here and there. I have never truly bought into as a primary form of exercise. I have read some interested articles touting the calorie burn that can be gained in a class. I have also read some equally interesting articles indicating the calorie burn is pretty minimal and you can actual slow your metabolism.

    Jeff Brown

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    Don't know about the metabolic stuff, but as far as martial arts goes, i've found that Kundalini yoga (rather than the Hatha variety that is more common) is really good for martial arts dings and little injuries, as well as helping your body be more injury-resistant. The main difference I notice is that much of Kundalini is mobile, with much less static stretching, and with a big emphasis on the spine.
    Zachariah Zinn

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    Have you looked at yet? Not your "traditional" Yoga but interesting.
    Robert Cheshire
    Yoseikan Teacher

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