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Thread: Looking for a good dojo in Europe

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    You missed the point of my question, Tokyo is a big city w/ many good dojo, Sensei and style!!! The more info we have the easier we can find something!!! Ie oh okay your at shinjuku, there is this dojo, this dojo and this dojo! They all have good teachers! Try them out and see which one feels right to you!!! When you narrow down the search and give us specific info we can help you!!! 2nd if we give you a recommendation to a dojo that is us putting our reputation on the line and saying this person is okay!!! I have had 3 people interested in my dojo. 2 never took time to show up and 1 that did only came once or twice!!! When you are so general and don't know where you are going / will not listen to advice of more seasoned individuals then chances are you are not going to get a lot of help!!! Listen more, focus on setting up how and where you will live!!! Then we can help with what is in the area/ contacts!!!!
    Jeff Collier

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    I got bored.

    Is it significant that the User's name "Aditya Roy" is the same as a well known Indian celebrity? Does his YouTube channel give us any clues as to his training? His time on was uneventful, registered and last active in 2011.

    I went looking for similar threads on other forums... but couldn't find anything. Seems like E-Budo is the only source of wisdom for the discerning Indian swordsman who seeks a European Master.
    David Noble
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    I'll think of a proper sig when I get a minute...

    For now, I'm just waiting for the smack of the Bo against a hard wooden floor....

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