Hello,My background is a brief study in the Bujinkan Organisation in my country for a short period of time before I left for personal reasons.Apart from that I have studied Gendai Martial Arts(6 years Karate and Judo).I would like to ask a question and in no ways am trying to troll or ruffle any individual,organization,or groups feathers.This is based on my own experience.I recently asked a local Genbukan Instructor(who is one of the Head Instructors in my country)if I could purchase a Shoto Tanemura Book through him(Ninpo Book)His answer was no,as I was not a member of the Genbukan.Items on the Genbukan site also state that they are only for sale to Genbukan members only.This is fair enough.Obviously this information is privy to those who have made the commitment to join and train in their organization before allowed to buy the material.However,why is it then,that I can buy all the Genbukan books and DVDs to my hearts content via other sites such as Budovideos.net?And cheaper too!I feel that if I purchase a Genbukan product I would want the money to go back to the Organisation as they produced the material.Now I have to buy it from a money orientated 3rd party.I am allowed to buy books written by the Shihan of the Katori Shinto Ryu (Mr.Risuke Otake) as well as various Koryu arts without being a member and without issue?I have contacted many Genbukan individuals locally and Internationally.Some of them are somewhat known in the group as they themselves have written books or made/been seen in documentaries on the Genbukan and Ninjutsu(Shown to the public,in order to educate or gain membership?)I have found literally every person I came in contact with to be rude,arrogant and very exclusive.I would literally have to contact 3 or 4 other people in order to be allowed to send an email to a 4th Dan Genbukan Sensei.When I contacted the Jinenkan though(who appear to be a smaller group)I received the exact opposite.Everyone form the local head in my country as well as International figures as well as the Honbu dojo have always come across as being very polite and informative,have answered general questions asked and have spoken to me in a manner that encourage inclusivity as opposed to exclusivity.Is this the way these 2 Organisations are run,is it my own bad luck or did I not follow strict Ninja Protocol when requiring about information about an organization that I intend to spend hours of arduous training,commitment and resources towards?Thank you,Gareth.