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Thread: Makimono,Scrolls and Books?

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    Gareth Del Monte Guest

    Default Makimono,Scrolls and Books?

    Hello.I am fairly new to the Koryu World so please forgive my ignorance and lack of the correct terminology.When looking on websites,web stores and Ebay one finds all kinds of different forms of literature regarding the Koryu and Gendai Arts.Much of this literature is not in the form of your standard book,but are in the form of denshos,scrolls and various other materials.Many of these items are very,very expensive.I was wondering if the individuals who purchase these items are collectors or martial artists or both?Would these scrolls used for historical research,bragging rights or could they by used by a practitioner studying that would be art and the item may offer some tremendous martial insights that his instructor could not provide?Thank you,Gareth.

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    Hello Mr Del Monte,

    In another thread you mentioned Serge Mol and actually posted a PDF file of one of his books. Incidentally, are there any copyright issues here?

    Mol has published another work, entitled Bujustsu Densho: Exploring the Written Tradition of Japan's Martial Arts Culture. The book was published in 2013 and the publisher is Eibusha.

    The book contains a glossary and bibliography and might be of some use in answering the questions you pose.

    Best wishes,
    Peter Goldsbury,
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    Gareth Del Monte Guest


    Hello Sir,
    I am sorry if I have infringed any copyright laws.
    In my own ignorance I had not thought about this before I posted the link.
    I am not sure how to delete the thread,so please feel free to pull it or delete it.
    Once again my sincere apologies.
    Thank you for the information regarding the other Serge Mol book that would help with my queries.
    I will try to find a copy.
    Thank you Sir and again my sincere apologies,
    Best regards,

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