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Thread: NINPO Books and DVD's

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    Gareth Del Monte Guest

    Default NINPO Books and DVD's

    I was wondering what you guys believe to be the best Books,DVD's that show the philosophy or even techniques of the X-Kan.
    For example,Shoto Tanemura's KJJR Jujutsu Vol.1,Ninpo Secrets,Genbukan Ninpo Bugei Fundamental Taijutsu.
    Fumio Manaka's Reflections of Manaka Unsui,
    Masaaki Hatsumi's Ninjutsu History and Tradition,Unarmed Techniques of the Samurai,Japanese Sword Fighting,The way of the Ninja:Secret Techniques,The Essence of Budo.
    As far as DVD's the Jinenkan stuff looks the best,in my own opinion.
    What do you guys say?

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    If you are training alone probably the Jinenryu Biken Iai no Maki DVD is what i would recommend.
    Five techniques that cover a pretty wide variety of Jissen sword. Doesnt take a long time to learn them per se, but an awful lot of keiko to get to the point where you are bringing out the flavor of each.

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    Gareth Del Monte Guest


    Thank you so much for the information and links provided!Very much appreciated!I will definitely look into this.
    Yes,a great deal of Keiko is always needed in order to become fluent in movement and as I have heard other Jinenkan experts mention"Bring out the Flavor" of each of the Ryua.
    Thank you and good luck with your training.

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