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Thread: Hi from Texas

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    Default Hi from Texas

    Hi everyone!

    So I'm new to both E- Budo and martial arts in general. I'm looking for a good dojo to take up judo, karate, or any other recommended martial art. A couple questions:
    1. What is a useful martial art to know? I live near a somewhat rough area and I walk to/ from school every day, which is the reason why I (and my parents) have thought of martial arts. I understand that it's not so much the style of martial arts as it is my commitment, but any suggestions?

    2. Is there a good dojo that anyone can recommend inside the loop? My parents have really busy jobs and it's best if we can find a place close by...

    3. I've heard a lot about "McDojos", and have read up about them... Can you tell me more, especially how a total newbie like me can tell the difference?


    S. Tan

    (Oh, and if I've broken any rules of the forum, I apologize beforehand- I have no experience in this field, either )

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    Hi Celty, and welcome to E-Budo.
    We hope you'll take some time to look at the various forums here, because reading about the different Japanese martial arts will give you a bit of background and idea of what each is like. Hopefully, one of them will appeal to you. There is also a "dojo finder" sub-forum for most of the categories, but if you don't find what you're looking for there, you can always post a thread in the forum of the art(s) that interest you.

    The martial arts are varied and many, and each has its own merits. They are all useful in some way, but the one that is "best" is the one that fits your own personal aims and goals, plus the reality of what's available in your area. That's why reading up on the different options, talking to people who train in the various arts, and visiting some dojos would help you make a good decision.

    As for McDojos... yes, they're out there, and probably some of the other members will fill you in on what to look for, and to beware of. That would also be thread to post in the Members Lounge. You can also do a search on our site, because the topic has come up many times in the past years and you might find an old thread with information that's useful to you.

    Anyway, welcome!
    Cady Goldfield

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    Hi Sabrina

    In the aikido dojo where I am training there are some kids and teens, one 15 year old girl,whom I'm preparing for her next kyu exam likes it a lot. She studies and makes her schoolwork thoroughly, fearing that if she don't do her mother won't let her go to our aikido class. Unfortunately we are in Gran Canaria, Canary Island, Spain a bit far for you. But maybe where you live there is a nice aikido dojo too.

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    Where in Texas are you located? I am an assistant Instructor in Victoria, Tx and have many friends in different places around the states. I might be able to recommend a couple places to look at depending on where you're at.
    When in doubt; knock 'em out or choke 'em out. -KSR saying

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