Internal martial artist Sam F.S. Chin, the generational gatekeeper and lineage holder of his family art, I Liq Chuan, will be teaching a 2-day seminar in Boston, Mass. U.S.A. on March 29-30, 2014.

The seminar is open to the martial arts public. For those who are curious about "internal" and what it is, and also for anyone currently training in IS and aiki, this workshop is a great opportunity to explore the concepts and principles of internal body method. Master Chin teaches his art openly; rather than focusing on waza/techniques, his system is based on developing a unified body and structure that expresses IP/aiki, which then can be applied universally to virtually any martial art or fighting method.

I Liq Chuan offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of internal training, as well as cogent and systematic solo- and partnered exercises and drills to develop the critical skills -- including mental intent and awareness, unified body structure, internal power, and strategic connectivity -- that are universally applicable to all martial disciplines.

Here is what the seminar will cover:
1.Taiji & Chan (Zen) approaches to learning.
2.Understand, both mentally & physically, five qualities essential to
the internal arts:
•Absorb & Project
•Open & Close
•Condense & Expand
•Concave & Convex
•3-D Action
3.To express the above qualities with a partner through Spinning Hands & Sticky Hands.
4. Strategies of action in dealing with an opponent.
5. Engaging the point of contact. What? How?

Time: 11am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday (with a short lunch break each day)
Cost: $235 if registered with deposit by March 10; $250 after March 10.

Boston Ultimate Fitness
33 Harrison Ave. 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02111
United States

About the Location: Boston Ultimate Fitness is located in the heart of Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood, above the Silky Way building on the 7th floor at the corner of Harrison Ave. and Beach St. The location is easily accessible by public transportation including subway, bus, and AMTRAK rail service. There are several parking lots and garages in the area; parking rates average $30/day. For food, coffee and other necessities, the neighborhood is full of coffee shops, restaurants and small grocery markets.

For seminar details and to RSVP/pre-register, go to:

If you have questions, please contact: Vladimir Babarykin
Contact phone: 267-454-3944