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Thread: Please Post Your Upcoming Event On The Calender, too!

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    Default Please Post Your Upcoming Event On The Calender, too!

    Besides posting your seminar, tournament and event listings here on the Announcements forum, please add it to the E-Budo community calendar so people can easily see what's coming up, and your event won't get lost in a sea of other listings.

    It's easy: Click on "Calendar" in the menu bar at the top of the page, and when that page opens just click on the "Add New Event" option. A window will pop up with instructions.

    When you post on the Calendar, your event will appear both in a sidebar on the general forum index page, and at the bottom of the page. It also will appear on the "analogue" calendar. So, your listing will get a lot more exposure than if you just post it on the main seminar/tourney announcement forum.
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