Mr Sasakawa was a great patron of politicians and martial arts.

The postwar rules to establish a legal entity, a 'foundation' required the yen equivalent of US $ millions - cash (I investigated it once) - in the bank. The days of Imperial patronage and public support were gone, and other than the Kodokan I don't know of another MA foundation that survived after the Butokukai shut down and returned its endowment.

So Saskawa raised funds and twisted arms, was a benefactor to most if not all the postwar orgs - All Japan Kendo and Judo Federatios, Aikikai (check the legal name) and the All Japan Karatedo Federation.

I met Sasakawa's son, Diet member and honorary chair of the AJKF. After business talk, I turned to MA and his involvement, explained my paltry practice and history research. He listened politely and contributed comments, things ere warming up until one of my business colleagues asked Do you practice karotty?

Sasakawa sensei sniffed No, I have 100,000 black belts that do that for me.

Will led to an abrupt end to an otherwise interesting meeting.

Not long ago I found a dojo founded by Sasakawa himself. I have an invitation to go play and should sometime.

Lance Gatling