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Thread: What advise would you give to yourself

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    Default What advise would you give to yourself

    I thought I would try to spark a little conversation by asking the question, what advise would you give your younger self?

    Now that I am a little older and a little wiser, I have developed a habit of asking more experienced people about what advise or thoughts on life would they give themselves. If they were to start over in their particular field of study what knowledge would do they wish they knew when they started? What advise would they give on where to start, what to study most intently, or what kind of mentality should they focus on to bring them the most success?

    I developed this habit, because the people I would most like to ask, my grandparents, are no longer alive and I was to young at the time to appreciate what they would have had to say.

    So I thought I would pose this question to you all. What advice would you give to your younger self, who was looking to learn about the Japanese Martial Arts with an intent to devote themselves to a koryu bujutsu?
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    A fairly short and simple list:

    * Shut up and train harder
    * Get fit and practice flexibility in your own time
    * Wives and budo don't mix
    * Don't miss that chance to train
    * Did I say "Shut up and train"?
    Andrew Smallacombe

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    Take the time to learn more about the people teaching you. Know whom your training under/with.

    Don't waste time with the wrong people.

    And I'll second everything Andrew says above.
    Chris Thomas

    "While people are entitled to their illusions, they are not entitled to a limitless enjoyment of them and they are not entitled to impose them upon others."

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    "Good grief, dude, frickin' relax."
    Josh Reyer

    Swa sceal man don, žonne he ęt guše gengan ženceš longsumne lof, na ymb his lif cearaš. - The Beowulf Poet

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