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Thread: what dojo in a certain video game do you recommend I have as my main dojo?

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    Default what dojo in a certain video game do you recommend I have as my main dojo?

    I happen to have a video game for the ps2 called kengo: master of bushido. it is realistic in combat and training, correct me if I am wrong but of course nothing like those virtual military training programs that the U.S military has used or is it? I don't know. I am thinking i would want to join a main school in the game and a character(there is three to choose from at the beginning of the game) what gojo would you recomend for me and is most realistic in combat and has the most realistic and deadliest moves, I don't care about how fancy they look or even if they are fancy at all. I plan to play this game using my imagination and like I am really like a samurai living in the 16th century japan like what the game simulates and once i loose in the game to fighting a opponent with a katana or in tournament I will consider myself dead like if I were to die in real life and erase my saved game and start from the very beginning of the game and not play again until I forget everything I learned and remembered in the game. in the game after you have passed all your schools tests and reach a new rank or become the masters disciple you travel to other schools and fight the students, disciples and masters from those schools with boken against boken. I will try to not consider this game to be something fun to do like i did when I beat the game in the past years ago.

    here is a link to game faqs for information on the game:

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    Chris, I do not think this an appropriate topic for the Sword Arts forum, & have moved it to the Members Lounge where off-topic posts are allowed. However, if you continue to post anything about games, I will consider removing you as an e-Budo member.

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    This has to be a joke right?......right?

    Asking for advice on what video game martial art to train the game.

    Maybe it should be moved to "baffling budo."
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    11 posts in 9 years, he has history!
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