We are re-matting our dojo, and looking to sell these mats locally (Southern California), ideally as a whole set. They are all used, light green colored, Swain or Zebra (don't remember which company, but can check if that information is important), simulated tatami mats used typically in Judo, Jujutsu, and Aikido dojo.

The total matted area is approximately 27' by 70'. The mat configuration breaks down as follows:

1) 33 full mats (approx. 3' X 6')
2) 13 half mats (approx. 3' X 3')
3) 4 "rolled" mats (approx. 6' X 42'). This type of mat is one long continuous roll, designed for easy storage for those who need to pull up their mats in between practices. These roll mats look the same, but are slightly softer than the regular mats (for those that teach kids, this may be a plus).

Anyone serious about purchasing these mats please send me a PM. Used mats tend to go fast. The mats are generally in good shape, and definitely have a lot of life left in them. We are only re-matting because we are looking to buy firmer mats. The mats are currently located in the San Gabriel Valley (Temple City), just outside of Los Angeles, and will become available in a few months.