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Thread: Bujinkan issues - Nagato, Ishizuka, Kacem Zoughari

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    Default Bujinkan issues - Nagato, Ishizuka, Kacem Zoughari

    Hello to everyone,

    As I researched about good Bujinkan teachers, I found that there are many different streams in the Bujinkan.

    I am particularly interested in Nagato - Ishizuka relationship. Why those two great shihans are represent two streams (clans) in Bujinkan??? There are many different stories on the internet, but if I am for instance interested in traning with both of them I do not see why that would be a problem.

    Also, many people on the internet have divided opinions about Kacem Zoughari, yet many people around me have very high opinion about him as well as great experience from training with him.

    I am planning to travel next year and I research a bit, and everyone praise his teacher. I am in the end only interested in traning not politics, but If I got a chance I would like to train with both so to call streams...

    Your experiences???

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    Hi TigEag,
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