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Thread: Daito-ryu Mainline Tradition NYC Metro Study Group

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    Default Daito-ryu Mainline Tradition NYC Metro Study Group

    We have had to move our dojo to a different location due to the gym that we worked out of closed. This was actually a blessing in disguise as we have relocated to a bigger space with more than ample parking in Edgewater, New Jersey that is easy to get to via NJ Transit bus, Path train or Ferry. The ammenities at this location are wonderful and we have a great view of the Manhattan skyline as a bonus. We also have access to a large pier for outdoor training, maybe even a good outdoor Kangeiko this year. We hope to continue Kondo sensei's teaching here for quite a while.

    Jose Garrido
    Jose' delCristo Garrido
    Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Mainline Tradition
    NYC Metro Area Branch Dojo

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    The new space sounds great! Best of luck in your new dojo home.
    Cady Goldfield

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