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Thread: Aiki - video translation

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    Default Aiki - video translation

    Hi All

    This is my first post, I'm really interested in Aiki, could anyone here please translate what is happening (especially what Sensei is telling the presenter).

    I think Aiki is related to imagination similiar to Noh dancing.

    Thank You

    Safwan A

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    Hi Safwan,
    First of all, welcome to E-Budo and thank you for jumping right in with posting. We hope you enjoy the forums.
    Next, please go back to your profile page and include your full (first and sur-) name in your signature. One of the rules for participating on the forums is that everyone must register with their full name; if that was not done, then it must be added as a permanent signature.

    About the video - this one has been around for a while. The instructor leads Daito-ryu Garyuzen, a Buddhism-focused scion of Daito-ryu Kodokai. He has his own following, mainly via a disciple from Turkey who has brought it back there. You can read more about it here, on Stanley Pranin's Aikido Journal site:

    Perhaps someone with Japanese-language skills will be able to post some translation from that video for you.
    Cady Goldfield

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