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Thread: Kyu Ryu island heritage mostly before kusanku

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    I'd also like to know about sources on Sakugawa having learned Jigen Ryu.

    I've seen many sources that cite Matsumura Sokon and Azato Anko as having received the Menkyo Kaiden in Jigen Ryu, but had not heard of Sakugawa having studied the art.



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    Karate Sakugawa (aka Tōdi Sakugā) is a legendary figure in Ryūkyūan folklore. And that is the problem: we don’t know who he was, and when he lived (if he lived at all). Yes, there are assumptions about historic persons by the name of Sakugawa who are supposed to be identical with Karate Sakugawa (indicated by S. Nagamine or M. Nakamoto). However, it is hard if not impossible to prove that Karate Sakugawa had anything to do with the suggested historic persons. R. Fujiwara (a Japanese historian) followed S. Nagamine’s assumption that a man by the name of Kanga has been Karate Sakugawa. Yet, he gives no reason why. After R. Fujiwara other Japanese writers did the same – never giving a prove the Karate Sakugawa and Kanga (or another person by the name of Sakugawa) are really one and the same person. C. Motobu wrote a little bit about Karate Sakugawa’s supposed life and time, without mentioning an involvement into Jigen-ryū or one of its branches. This is important as C. Motobu mentions other Ryūkyūan martial artists as students of Jigen-ryū (for example S. Matsumura or Hokama).


    Henning Wittwer

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